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Love your body and your mind!
Take the time this winter to strengthen them both.

Tone your tummy.

Create positive, lasting change in your posture. Find freedom and mobility in areas that have become tight and restricted. Tone your arms and legs, flatten your midsection, and lift you seat.

Love Your Body.

Pain in the neck.

Liberate your neck and shoulders from chronic aches and pains, and eliminate lower back pain.

Love Your Body.

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The little details.

Our small classes of 3-4 participants ensure that you get more personal attention, hands-on corrections, and specific modifications for your body.

Love Your Body.

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  • "Thank goodness for the teachers attention to detail in my alignment as I move. This has made all the difference in my recovering from knee injury so quickly."

    Isabelle V.

  • "It’s true! As I’m getting physically stronger I’m getting psychologically stronger."

    Emily P.

  • "I'm so much stronger now! I don't notice it until I do something that previously would have taken me so much more effort, and now I'm thinking 'piece of cake'."

    Karen F.

  • "Haven't worn my jeans in a while and when I did my husband said "Woah! Your butt looks different!" Yay Pilates!"

    Liana H.